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Weco Butterfly Valves

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Materials of Construction

Valve Part Standard Material Optional1 Material
Seat and O-Ring

Nitrile (Buna N)

(-20F to 200F)

Food grade nitrile

Carboxylated nitrile



Neoprene (standard or food grade)

EPDM (Epoxy backed to 400F)

Fluorocarbon (Epoxy backed to 400F)


Body Ductile iron



Stem (Upper and Lower) 416 stainless steel 316 Stainless Steel

Ductile iron

Aluminum bronze

316 Stainless steel,

TFE encapsulated, 17-4PH

Halar coated ductile iron


Notes 1. Other materials available; consult Thraco.

Halar is a registered trademark of Ausimont.


Hypalon is a registered trademark of DuPont.

butterfly valves, chiksan, weco, fmc, baton rouge, louisiana, plug,oil field, petrochemical, sour gas