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Amarillo Right Angle Pump Drive

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In 1934, Amarillo Gear Company began designing and manufacturing Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gear Drives primarily for the irrigation industry. Because of the reliable, efficient and economic operation of these drives, they met with widespread acceptance.

Today, Amarillo manufactures the largest selections of Right Angle Gear Drives available. Our standard models include a large assortment of drives in a wide range of ratios and various configurations.  They are highly adaptable to many applications in many different industries.

One reason for the continued growth and acceptance of Amarillo Gear Drives is their consistent quality - not only in the materials used, but in their workmanship as well.

At Thraco, we would welcome the opportunity to supply this product for your requirements.


Cooling coils are available on Models 40, 60A, and 80A, at additional cost, and are standard on Model 100A and above.  Non-reverse clutches are standard on all drives. Marine options are available upon request.

Inquire about higher rpm's, both input and output. Our rigid castings are designed to insure correct alignment.  Gears are case hardened allow steel, lapped in pairs.  All drives have positive pressure oil distribution systems, and bearings exceed AGMA recommends.

Model Designation:

The model number designates the basic horsepower rating at 1760 RPM pump speed.  The number is preceded by one of the following letter designations to define the type drive:

SL Standard Hollow Shaft Drive with Opposed Thrust Capacity
S Standard Hollow Shaft Drive with Standard Thrust Capacity
SH Standard Hollow Shaft Drive with Heavy Thrust Capacity


Through the use of high quality gears and bearings, transmission efficiency ranges from 94% to 98% varying with speed, horsepower and thrust.  Actual efficiency values will be furnished upon request.


All drives are furnished with spiral bevel gears, designed in accordance with AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) standards for both strength and surface durability, employing a minimum service factor of 1.50 at rated horsepower.


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