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VRC Model V Series Positioners

Standard Features

The Model V Series from VRC is designed and manufactured to offer years of trouble-free and economical operation.  Every component has been field-tested and field-proven to exceed your expectation of performance and reliability.  The Model V Series simply outperforms every other positioner in its class.

Truly Modular/Totally Field Upgradeable

The beauty of the Model V Series is summed up in one word: simplicity.  Changing a Pneumatic Positioners to an Electro-pneumatic Positioners, adding a Limit Switch and/or Position Transmitter module, or adding gauges is a simple procedure.  The bottom line? Only VRC offers true modularity to simplify changes, minimize inventory, and ease servicing.

Corrosion and Vibration Resistant / Epoxy Encapsulated Components

Dust-tight and water-tight is not tight enough for VRC.  Components such as the I/P Converter and Position Transmitter are epoxy sealed for unequaled protection.  Transmitter are epoxy sealed for unequaled protection.  PPA composite enclosures exceed NEMA standards and are specifically designed for all routine and most highly-corrosive applications.  Excellent vibration resistance is achieved through VRC's unique I/P and spool valve design.

Precise Click-Lockô Calibration

The unique range-spring SPAN and ZERO adjustments on the Model V Series provide fast and accurate mechanical calibration with our exclusive Click-Lockô system. The precise detent feature on each adjustment offers a sure feel.  And VRC has minimized adjustment interaction to simplify and speed calibration so that , even under extreme conditions, accuracy is achieved.

Universal Mounting Flexibility

The Model V Series has an optional Universal Mounting Kit that provides high performance adapt ion to most current models, sizes and styles of quarter-turn actuators.  The low profile design protects the accessory side of the actuator.

Modular I/P Converter

The I/P Converter has been designed to provide flawless automatic compensation for supply pressure, atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature changes--all standard features! Integral RFI protection--standard as well.

Selectable Speed Control

Jumper selection of actuator full travel times eliminates the use of flow control valves. This permits instant response to valve position changes and provides full actuator torque. Back-up is standard for fail-safe operation in the event of current loop failure.

Additional Features

bulletLED loop power indication
bulletElectronic actuator full travel time selection
bulletReversible and deplugable current loop connections
bulletContinuously adjustable calibration and split ranging.


butterfly valves, chiksan, weco, fmc, baton rouge, louisiana, plug,oil field, petrochemical, sour gas