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Weco Butterfly Valves

See how today's FMC is meeting your "demands" with dependable WECO Butterfly Valves, operators and actuators.

Weco Butterfly Valves have been solving fluid control problems in the oilfield and general industrial applications for over 20 years. 

Model 12

Model 12N

Today's FMC is putting that experience to work for you in more ways that ever before…meeting your changing needs with dependable WECO Butterfly Valves, Operators, and Actuators.

Field-proven features plus "new technology" in every valve

When you specify WECO Butterfly Valves, you get the ultimate in dependable, economical flow control. That's because FMC combines the field technical advances in engineering and manufacturing.

From computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computer-aided design, manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to automated manufacturing cells and high-density warehouse systems, today's FMC is putting "new technology" into every unsurpassed service. The result: You get the field-proven dependability you demand and the quality service you deserve

Complete range of sizes and styles

Meeting your "demands" means having the butterfly valves that you need, when you need them. WECO Butterfly Valves are available from stock in 2 - 24 in. sizes and can handle working pressures to 175 psi. Wafer, notched, and lug type body styles make it easy for you to find the valve that meets your requirements for new or existing piping systems. Short and long neck models and stem extensions are available

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Materials to meet your service requirements

To insure that FMC meets your exacting service requirements, WECO Butterfly Valves are available in a wide variety of materials. Valve bodies, discs, stems, and seats all can be individually matched to your specific operating conditions, including: temperature range, type and concentration of fluid, and various flow conditions. All FMC materials of construction meet ASTM and AISI standards.

Wide choice of operators and actuators

All modes and sizes of WECO Butterfly Valves can be equipped with WECO operators and actuators as well as other brands of actuators. You can choose from standard and throttling handles, gear operators, chain-wheel operators, pneumatic actuators, vane-type actuators, special controllers, and positioners as required.

Fast, simple field repair

WECO butterfly Valves provide dependable service under the harshest of applications. Because there are no in-line screws, pins, or bolts, little or no maintenance is required. If the valve should need repair, it can be completely reconditioned in the field using interchangeable, stock parts.

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Model 22

Model 22L

of Construction

Teflon Lined

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butterfly valves, chiksan, weco, fmc, baton rouge, louisiana, plug,oil field, petrochemical, sour gas